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This document is an invitation to explore the network of communities in the inner East Bay and to play a role in realizing the local visions for these communities. It focuses on Priority Development Areas (PDAs) designated by cities and counties for new investment, jobs and housing.

In 2015, jurisdictions between Rodeo in the north and Union City in the south created the East Bay Corridors Initiative. The Initiative is a platform for collaboration to address shared challenges and opportunities that cross jurisdiction boundaries. These range from housing affordability to access to opportunity, improved public spaces, and resilience in the face of natural disasters. The Initiative is also a forum for prioritizing common needs and pursuing much-needed funding.

The first section, Today, tells the story of the East Bay Corridors, highlighting its rich diversity and innovative efforts underway to make it a better place for residents and businesses. It also lays out the network of neighborhoods and downtowns planned by communities to create a more resilient, economically robust and equitable future.

The second section, Tomorrow, outlines a set of draft priorities, projects and programs identifi ed by Corridor jurisdictions. These are multi-jurisdictional—drawing on shared opportunities to achieve the visions of corridor communities.

The third section, Making it Happen, identifies potential approaches to funding the projects and programs highlighted in section two. It also identifies partnerships with a variety of government, non-profit and private sector organizations, as well as community members across the corridor, to further develop and implement the projects and programs.

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