Three: Place Actions

The update to Plan Bay Area—the region's blueprint for sustainable development— provides an opportunity to open a regional discussion about the most effective approaches to shaping how our diverse communities grow. This will complement focused discussion about the preferred growth and transportation investment strategies, which address how much our communities grow and how to coordinate this growth with sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Regional Actions to Support Local Placemaking

Regional actions to support placemaking can advance this discussion through forums, knowledge exchange, place stories, and support for community-based design efforts to implement plans for Priority Development Areas (PDAs)—places identified by Bay Area cities for future housing and job growth.

Forums and Community Events

Forums across the region for elected officials, developers, planners and designers, and the general public focusing on the key placemaking themes identified in section 2 and previous regional discussions:

Knowledge Exchange

Building upon the existing PDA Forums, opportunities to share best practices and identify common challenges and opportunities related to placemaking:

Local Placemaking Support

Support local planners and community groups to identify and implement priorities for shaping shared spaces in Priority Development Areas, recognizing the important planning work already completed in many jurisdictions:

A Spring 2015 UC-Davis Urban Design Studio focused on the San Pablo Avenue Corridor. Professionals and students provided design concepts to the cities of San Pablo, El Cerrito and Oakland based upon community research.



Working Group

John Beutler, Senior Urban Designer, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM)
Steve Dostart, President and Founder, Dostart Development Company LLC
Gil Kelley, Director of Citywide Planning, City and County of San Francisco
Elizabeth MacDonald, Associate Professor, University of California at Berkeley
Fernando Martí, Co-Director, Council of Community Housing Organizations
Anu Natarajan, Director of Planning and Policy, MidPen Housing Corporation
David Rabbitt, Supervisor, Sonoma County Second District
Michael Rios, Professor, University of California at Davis
Gregory Tung, Principal, Freedman Tung + Sasaki Urban Design

ABAG Staff

Duane Bay, Deputy Planning Director, ABAG
Miriam Chion, Planning and Research Director, ABAG
Vinita Goyal, Regional Planner, ABAG
Mark Shorett, Senior Regional Planner, ABAG

Place Story Contributors

Mark Caberto, San Francisco State University
George Herrera, San Francisco State University
Estefaniee Sandoval, San Francisco State University
Deodor Tronco, San Francisco State University
Antonio Diaz, Organizational Director, People Organizing to Demand Environmental and Economic Rights, PODER
Bill Eckern, Director, Community Development Department, City of Redwood City
Kim Epifano, Artistic Director, Epiphany Productions
Gilbert Gong, Director, Lincoln Square Recreation Center
George Mc Kale, City Historian, City of Sonoma
Kurt Shwabe, Director of Marketing and Communications, Brighterion
Dan Zack, Downtown Development Coordinator, City of Redwood City (Former)

ABAG Executive Leadership

Julie Pierce, President, Councilmember, City of Clayton
David Rabbitt, Vice President, Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Ezra Rapport, Executive Director
Brad Paul, Deputy Executive Director
Kenneth Moy, Legal Counsel

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