This report was produced with support from ABAG member towns, cities, and counties. Our special thanks to the members of the ABAG Regional Planning Committee (RPC), Bay Area Planning Directors Association (BAPDA) Steering Committee, the Economic Strategy Working Group, Doug Johnson (Metropolitan Transportation Commission), and David Burch (Bay Area Air Quality Management District) for their careful review of all or parts of the document. Any remaining errors and interpretations are our own.

Association of Bay Area Governments

Executive Board Leadership and Key Staff

Julie Pierce, President, Councilmember, City of Clayton
David Rabbitt, Vice President, Supervisor, County of Sonoma
Ezra Rapport, Executive Director
Brad Paul, Deputy Executive Director and Communications Director
Miriam Chion, Planning and Research Director
Duane Bay, Deputy Planning and Research Director

Project Staff

Miriam Chion
Planning and Research Director

Gillian R. Adams
Project Manager and Lead Author

Duane Bay, Jennifer Berg, Ben Botkin, JoAnna Bullock, Dana Brechwald, Arrietta Chakos, Maureen Gaffney, Pedro Galvao, Michael Germeraad, Vinita Goyal, Johnny Jaramillo, Judy Kelly, Jennifer Krebs, Cynthia Kroll, Christy Leffall, Danielle Hutchings Mieler, Kenneth Moy, Mark Shorett, Michael Smith, Caitlin Sweeney, Laura Thompson, Hing Wong, Leah Zippert
Project Staff

ABAG Publication #P15002PPP
September 2015

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